So in some far off corner of the internet, you have stumbled upon yet another blog penned by a young, female millennial. How original in this modern day age, you may be thinking.  See, I don’t particularly care for the staged pictures taken outside the bleached white steps of a London House which have become synonymous with blogging. That is not to say that this particular style of blogging is not important; I have immense respect for every corner of the blogging community and also appreciate the value of visual aesthetic. However, you’ll find a lot more written content in my posts, as well as musings that raise interesting points for further thought or discussion.

Whether it’s lifestyle and adventure, book reviews, a bit of fashion or even just something I particularly wanted to express; you will be sure to find something to read here.I am constantly working to improve the look and feel of my blog and always developing new ideas for articles. If you have any questions or comments please let me know as hearing from people who take the time to read my work never fails to make my day a little brighter.