Over the next few years, my life is going to undertake some dramatic changes, some of which have already started. Like the majority of students my age, since starting university, my life has changed completely and I know that over the next few years until I graduate, I will remain in the bubble of newly gained independence and responsibility yet still with the security provided by education. However, when this ends I’m under no illusion that’s when life gets real and becomes one long stream of employability, finding a home, paying bills and stopping pretending to be an adult and taking real responsibility.

Therefore, I know that the next few years are going to be incredibly special to me and I’m taking all the steps to record the time in as many ways as possible through photographs and writing down all the amazing memories that I make so I can look back and reminisce fondly. That is another feature of this blog. My incentive in writing this is not for popularity or to become an internet sensation. If I’m the only one who ever reads this then that doesn’t matter to me. This is another way to document my ramblings, albeit not the personal ones – a public blog is not the place for those!

Instead, this blog is going to be a ‘mish-mash’ of anything that happens to me that I feel that I particularly wish to write about. There is no specialist theme to my posts, recurring items may begin to creep in after a while. There will most likely be posts on health and fitness, cooking, travel adventures, lifestyle and book reviews. My passion is writing and has been for as long as I can remember. This seems like the perfect way to share this with a wider audience with an aim of uploading a different post once a week, on a Friday. This will definitely challenge me, both as a writer, and to put myself out there for new experiences as I’m forced to write something interesting down weekly!

So that’s all for an introductory post! I hope over the coming weeks and months I can begin to improve this blog and start to share more exciting and interesting things, whilst making it look more slick and professional – no promises as I am terrible with technology!!




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