The irony of me starting a public blog and advertising it throughout various social networking channels is not lost on me. I am quite notoriously private and prefer to present my real self to the world; not allow strangers to make a judgement based on a profile.

However I am finding myself home from university for the summer with very little to do other than my part time job and sleep more often than I care to admit. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for several months now but always seem to come across the same stumbling blocks. What would you call it. What would you post about. Are you just conforming to another form of social media and a passing craze?

I toyed with the idea of making this blog anonymous. Obviously we all know the dangers of the internet. But I found this to be impossible considering the topics I want to write about. This blog is very personal to me. For many years now I have written down my thoughts or stories; now I feel ready to share them. This is, in part, why I started this blog. The other reason is that I finally decided this year on a career path for myself. I am an undergraduate English student at Loughborough University and I have an interest in a career in the publishing industry. The fastest growing trend at the moment in this industry is the rise of self publication. So where else to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ than through self management, time keeping, advertising and my natural satirical wit through a variety of different articles?

My main reason, above all else, is that it allows me to share my passion and find a way to continue improving my writing. For me, writing is my escape route from day to day reality. Sharing it with others is a small bonus – if no one ever reads this blog I wouldn’t be offended. It is merely documenting my different writing styles and gives me something that I can enjoy in the process.

I would appreciate it if you would follow my blog; I can certainly promise you variety and my trademark dry sense of humour! Any comments on posts or ideas about future articles would be lovely – I encourage feedback and would love to hear from anyone reading this blog!



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